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Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services Near Me, We understand that the joy of a clean home can be contaminated by the smell and feel of harsh chemicals. Happy Houses Cleaning Service offers our neighbors a new, guilt-free, and less harmful solution to achieving that perfect clean.

With our Eco-Friendly solutions, detergents, and equipment, our mission is to provide a happy and healthy cleaning service for you, your family, or your tenants, We are eager to share some tips on Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services. Obtaining the ultimate clean with ethical and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies we ensure that our products were never tested on animals, they’re hypoallergenic, and they are safe for our planet.

Make Your Home eco-friendly

Yes, we want the cleanest possible home for our family, but we don’t have to use harsh chemicals to achieve this. We also don’t want to use chemicals that come from manufacturing plants that harm the environment.

Happy Houses Cleaning Services take pride in using Environmentally responsible cleaning products for this service.

Preventing air, water, and even noise pollution is a mission of Happy Houses Cleaning Services, which does our part to make your home and planet a safer and healthier environment in your city.

Our Environmentally Responsible
Cleaning Service:

Being eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important. … Eco-friendly products promote green living that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water, and noise pollution. They prove to be boon for the environment and also prevent human health from deterioration.

This is why we believe a clean Earth Is as crucial as a clean home.

At Happy Houses Cleaning Services, we believe in taking action to protect the environment in your city. That is why we, as a company, are so committed to using products that are safe for the environment.

Only a luxurious home cleaning service in your city can provide you with a professional cleaning experience with the ability to get rid of all the unwanted stains present in your home. Our cleaner knows what he is doing. It is more than just cleaning the dust off the floor. Hiring us to do the cleaning of your luxurious house, cabins, apartments, and offices is the best thing you can do for yourself.

No Contracts – schedule our cleaning services when you need them without the worry of penalties if you don’t need us to come most clients Schedule Cleaning Services Regularly:

Once a week

Perfect for those with a lot of traffic in and out of the home.

Every other week

Deep cleaning that lasts; this option is a great value for anyone who doesn’t have the time to keep up with all of their housework

Once a month

For those who need our services and expertise only one time every month



Our prices include all maid services and materials used in shining your house or apartment. We offer simple flat-rate pricing based on the number of rooms and bathrooms your home has.

Price is for a: 1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom ,Apartment

Eco label standards

A distinctive feature of our cleaning company is a new type of cleaning eco-friendly cleaning service. It is a new but actively developing area of green professional cleaning. The main principle of it is the use of safe detergents, implements, and equipment following Eco Label standards.

What is Green Cleaning Service in your City?

Green Cleaning service means a more serious and thorough approach to cleanliness.
We train our workers to make them able to use green equipment properly. They are committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the homes of our clients.

Best Price, Best Cleaning Service

Looking to set up regular cleaning? we offer huge saving to loyal customers (applies to second cleaning)

Most of our customers prefer routine visits from our house cleaners. Depending on how much activity your home sees, our weekly and biweekly services may be the best solution for you.


15% Off Weekly


10% Off Bi-Weekly


5% Off Monthly

What Areas are Included in Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Service?

  • Living Areas & Bedrooms
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Bathrooms Areas

With flat-rate pricing, we make it simple to choose the package that works for you!


We offer simple flat-rate pricing, based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your home has.
This is how we ensure you, NO UNEXPECTED CHARGES!!


  • Cobwebs removed.
    All fixtures hand wiped clean.
  • Hand wipes all cabinets interior/exterior.
  • Scrub countertops and backsplash.
  • Clean and sanitize the sink.
  • Clean microwave interior and exterior.
  • Hand wipes all small appliances and other items on the countertops.
  • Hand wipe trash can.
  • Clean and polish oven
  • Refrigerator interior/exterior.
  • Remove trash and replace the liner.
  • The Windows sill cleaned.
  • Window tracks cleaned.
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped.
  • Door knobs, door frames, and doors wiped.
  • Light switches wiped.
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped.


  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Light fixtures hand wiped.
  • Exhaust vent brushed clean.
  • All fixtures hand wiped clean.
  • Clean mirrors streak free.
  • Clean and disinfect countertop and sinks.
  • Hand wipe cabinets interior/exterior.
  • Shower walls.
  • Glass doors cleaned and shined.
  • Tub scrubbed and fixtures shined.
  • Clean and disinfect toilet and toilet area.
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs.
  • Floor scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Faucets and door knobs cleaned.
  • Remove trash and replace liner.

Living Areas & Bedrooms

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures hand wiped.
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs.
  • Hand clean door frames and doors.
  • Hand clean window sills and window ledges.
  • Mirrors cleaned streak-free.
  • The glass doors cleaned.
  • Baseboards hand washed.
  • Floors vacuumed, dust mopped, or wet mopped.
  • Hand clean banisters and handrails (polish if wood).
  • Wastebaskets emptied.

Cost Of Our Personalized Eco-friendly
Cleaning Service

The cost of our environmentally friendly cleaning service is determined by the products we use. We create specific checklists and develop a cost plan based on them.

Schedule your appointment now, and we’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs in detail. We’ll put together a qualified team of local maids for you, as well as a free estimate. You’ll get reasonable, environmentally friendly cleaning services from us, with no upsells or hidden fees.

our happy clients

“Cannot recommend them highly enough! The green cleaning I got from this company is just amazing. We will hire you again very soon. Appreciated the services!”

Emma Raymond

Client, Happy Houses

“My Mom was very pleased with your services, the products used and the attentiveness by the workers who cleaned the apartment was remarkable.“

Sameul K.

Client, Happy Houses

“Happy Houses has done an excellent job during this pandemic at my house. They used our demanded cleaning products and disinfected every surface. “

Aima Denial

Client, Happy Houses

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our eco-friendly cleaning services are:

What Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Do You Use?

We use different cleaning products that can feel safe about being used in your home or office.
We first test green cleaning products when the market launches them.

If We Offer You Our Favorite Eco-friendly Cleaning Product Can We Have You Use Them?

Yes, we are pleased to use your product but make sure that after using it if any damages happen we will not be responsible.

What Is The Insurance That You Have?

Happy Houses Cleaning Company carries janitorial liability insurance to protect you against any damages caused to your home or office and belongings as a result of our services.