Are you living in areas exposed to dust from all directions, front, and rear? Even the air gets dusty when you live near the roadside or live in areas with many climatic changes. The rooms get dusty, but the kitchen where we cook gets dusty and greasy. For this, we have got the best and most efficient deep cleaning services in Chicago, where you can hire our team to give a deep clean up to your home at affordable rates.


Keeping a regular clean up is tiring and challenging enough for many social and family reasons, especially when deep cleaning your house every day. It is time-consuming to clean every corner of your home by yourself.

Here is an open suggestion for hiring Happy Houses Maid Cleaning Services for your house deep cleaning and welcome yourself to a clean home. HHCS expert cleaners will deep clean your house from top-to-bottom.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning means tackling and scrubbing the areas of your house that are eliminated most of the time while cleaning. It helps you get rid of dust, grime, and dirt. Deep cleanups need extra attention to detail, and Happy Houses Maids can only give you quality and satisfactory deep house cleaning.

Eliminates Viruses

The benefit of deep cleaning your house is that it will eliminate the hazardous viruses and bacteria that are not good for you and your family. Deep cleaning once a month is essential for health. Our experienced maids have had expertise in deep cleaning since 2009.

Hygienic Environment

Deep Cleaning your house is essential as healthy food. When you live in a healthy and hygienic environment, you live a disease-free life. Getting professional help for deep cleaning will make your life easy; book HHCS deep cleaning services in Chicago at reasonable rates.



Our prices include all maid services and materials used in shining your house or apartment. We offer simple flat-rate pricing based on the number of rooms and bathrooms your home has.

Price for 1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom per Apartment


AHHCS maids are always available to serve you quality services with the help of different techniques. Deep cleaning is usually a first or one-time service to clean your home.

First-Time Customers

If you have never had deep cleanup in your house, don’t go for any other service before a Deep House Cleaning Service.

Busy Routine

If you are occupied throughout the month and don’t have time to clean your home, hire professional house cleaners for a deep clean-up.

Seasonal Changes

After every season, go for a deep house cleaning for better living because every weather has its own pros and cons.


HHCS offers customization of deep cleaning checklists according to the customer’s needs and budget. You have the right to cut and add the cleaning chores according to the needs of your house. It would be best if you didn’t stick to the listed checklist on our website.

The areas included in cleaning your house are Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and kitchens. If you need any additional services, let us know while booking, such as carpet shampooing, patio cleaning, etc.

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Happy Houses Maids are experts and will provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hire our cleaning services and get the most reliable and experienced team at your doorstep.

The HHCS maids will cover the following areas of your house.


  • All fixtures were hand wiped clean.
  • Hand wiped cleaning all cabinets and drawers interior/exterior.
  • Scrub down the counter and backsplash.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and faucets
  • Wipe down microwave interior/exterior.
  • Clean and polish oven and refrigerator interior/exterior.
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and faucets.
  • Floors vacuuming and wet mopped.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.
  • Wash dishes
  • Light switches wiped.
  • Baseboards hand cleaning
  • Clean inside Windows, Window Seals, and Window Ledges.
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Wipe down and disinfect doorknobs, door frames, and doors wiped.
  • Scrub down all appliances and remove grease


  • Light fixtures and light switches hand wiped.
  • Streak-free mirror cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, shower walls, tub, and showerheads.
  • Wipe down all cabinets interior/ exterior.
  • Clean and shine tiles and glass doors.
  • Hand wiped and sanitized countertops.
  • Deep clean and disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Hand wiped and sanitized countertops
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs.
  • Floor scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Remove trash, wipe down the trash can and replace the liner.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean exhaust vent fronts.
  • Faucets, doorknobs, and all fixtures were hand wiped and sanitized.
  • Wipe down all reachable surfaces.
  • Tub scrubbed and fixtures shined.


    • Dusting, ceiling, doorknobs, every hard to reach a corner
    • Mirrors cleaned streak-free,
    • Floors vacuuming and dust mopped, or wet mopped.
    • Remove trash and replace the liner.
    • Make the bed and change linens. (need to be provided)
    • Hand cleaning railings and handrails (polishing if wood)
    • Baseboards hand cleaning
    • Spot clean walls
    • Wipe down doors and door frames
    • Clean inside Windows, Window Seals, and Window Ledges.
    • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs.


    • Remove cobwebs from all surfaces.
    • Clean exhaust vent fronts.
    • Hand clean doors and door frames
    • Clean and disinfect the countertop and sinks.
    • Wipe down all cabinets interior/exterior.
    • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs.
    • Remove trash and replace the liner.


HHCS has provided quality services since 2009 to millions of customers all over the United States. We assure you that our cleanup charges are affordable and comparatively lower than other cleaning businesses in Chicago. We promise you satisfaction, and our maids are always here for referrals.

Happy Houses management never demands to upsell charges. You will charge for what you will get. Hire our maid services at affordable rates. There are different factors that can affect the total cost, such as more rooms or any additional cleaning.

Our Honorable Clients

Choosing your maid services was one of the best life choices I have ever made. I am stress-free from cleaning my home. I always call them right after the season changes. Believe me, their maid services are the best in quality and rates.
B. Grace

Client, Happy Houses

Words are not enough for how professional they are. Thanks a ton for coming home on concise notice; I had a party at my home, and deep cleaning was essential. After that, maids make it easy for me by making my home spotlessly clean.

Client, Happy Houses

I am not sure what I would do without Beatriz. The best lady helps me maintain my home and do the job very efficiently. I would be glad to recommend HHCS to all of you and get the most reliable services. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Addison W

Client, Happy Houses



Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, of course, HHCS provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority.

Do I have to be at home on a scheduled day?

Not needed, But if you want to stay at home for any special cleaning instructions to the maids, you can stay otherwise, our maids are trained enough to handle things alone, by keeping the privacy.

How do I get charged for the cleaning services?

You will get charged before the cleaning, and we accept cash in hand or cheques.

What is the cancellation process?

HHCS policy allows you to cancel the cleaning services before 48 hours of the scheduled date. We will not be responsible if our maids are sent your way, and you are trying to call off; you will be charged for it.

Can I get the estimates via phone call?

You can get free estimates by calling or texting us at 312-236-2020.